About Me


I started my communications career working for NYC PR firm, Sunshine Sachs on tech clients including Facebook, as well as non-profits like the New York Organ Donor Network. 

In 2014, I moved to Boulder, Colorado and accepted the role of marketing manager at PivotDesk, a commercial real estate tech company. There, I learned what it takes to grow a brand and support a digital funnel through content marketing. 

After constantly being asked by fellow marketers how I produced such a consistent flow of share-worthy content as PivotDesk’s one-woman content team, I realized I had stumbled across a key pain point in the marketing community: all companies need strong content to move customers through their digital funnel, yet many lack the time and internal resources to fully support the initiative.  

My advice to these marketers was always simple: recruit skilled freelancers and leverage them as partners, not one-off vendors.

I later started NG Content Co. to solve this pain myself. Now, I help top brands turn interest into revenue by writing tailored content to support each stage of the digital funnel: from engagement building blog posts, to lead capturing eBooks, down to retention building newsletters.

Having been in the trenches as a content manager myself, my goal is always to provide my clients with professional, reliable service and none of the BS that often comes with finding and hiring freelancers 

Whether you're brand-new to content marketing or a seasoned vet looking for a fresh voice, I've been where you are, and I can help